Update on the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

Update on the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

The Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 was introduced to the Legislative Assembly on 30 October 2013.  The Bill is set to widen the publication and release of information required to be published as a result of DMP’s “Internal Transparency Program” and other State Government commitments around information release.  To do this, the Bill widens the scope of documents available for public inspection under the Mining Act 1978 (Mining Act), including for example an application for a mining tenement, any agreement, claim, report, notice of objection, security or any other document in respect of a mining tenement and any documents supplied under the Mining Act to the Minister, any DMP officials or the warden.

The Bill also removes the requirement to submit the details of a “programme of work” when making an application for exploration and retention licences. The amendment is intended to clarify any confusion to references in the Mining Act to programmes of work which are required to be submitted before ground-breaking work can be undertaken.

The Bill also amends the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 (MRF Act) to enable money spent from the Mining Rehabilitation Fund to carry out rehabilitation of an abandoned mine to be recovered from those who were legally responsible to carry out the work at the time the mine was declared abandoned.   The Bill additionally authorises the publication of information about how levy amounts are calculated and enables levy notices and other notices under the MRF Act to be sent to a single nominated contact if there is more than one holder of a tenement.


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